Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear faculty advisors and fellow delegates,

On behalf of the entire Secretariat, it is my honor to welcome you to the fifth edition of Carmelitas Model United Nations 2019. This year, we will be holding a special edition focused on bringing back the true spirit of Model UN. We are always trying to raise the standards from previous conferences to provide a unique experience in its own way.

My Model UN journey started back in 2016 and hasn’t stopped ever since. But it was not the conference itself that made me fall into the madness of Model UN, it was its people. The only word to describe how I felt about the team back when I started is admiration. I will forever be grateful to them for teaching me the importance of persistence and teamwork. That is how I discovered you can learn more from the people around you than from books.

As the years went by, people came and left, but that never meant leaving our friendship or our shared experiences behind. I even had the opportunity to participate in international conferences such as HMUN or ILMUNC, memories which, along with my amazing teammates, will be kept forever in my heart.

I have no words to describe how grateful I am to the entire Carmelitas MUN team: to my fellow teammates, of whom I am beyond proud for every goal each of them has achieved this year and the commitment they have put in since day one; to my dear Secretariat, who has been working tirelessly for months; and at last but not least, to my admired Advisors, for trusting me this immense responsibility, giving me the chance to discover my passion and guiding me throughout this journey.

As mentioned before, this conference focuses on the true spirit of MUN. Personally, I think that contemplates everything it provides. This conference is from and for the delegates. Every surprise, memory, and opportunity you will be given at CarMUN has been carefully and thoughtfully planned out for months from the experiences and opinions of the Secretariat and Advisors.

Therefore, take a chance. It is the moment in which each delegate should work, have

fun and learn all at the same time. Be diplomatic, make friends, prepare

yourselves and, from the bottom of my heart, enjoy it.

Something every single delegate has in common is their passion for MUN, the one that makes them spend weekends debating, afternoons training, and sleeping time reading. All of us do it because we believe in it and love it. Hence, enjoy every single moment before it ends because you will forever remember and cherish those friends, experiences, and anecdotes Model United Nations has given all of us, and that is the true spirit of MUN.


Sincerely yours,


Ariana Estela