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Open simulations

The open simulations, SIMS, seek to replicate from an active practice, the development of a delegate in a specific committee of the United Nations.


The SIMS are debate simulations in which issues of international relevance are discussed within diplomatic parameters, respecting the difference of opinions, creed and political position, they constitute an active work space of 3 hours, in which a topic is debated. previously chosen, which must be investigated by each delegate who will represent the diplomatic position of a certain member country of the Committee worked on.


The simulations may be carried out in Spanish or English, using a formal language between the delegates and the board of directors (moderators of the debate). The development of these spaces is carried out through the proposal of motions, both moderated and unmoderated measures, concluding both in a plenary where all the delegates have the opportunity to participate freely and democratically, debating the specific topics proposed by the different representatives of the member countries of the committee.

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