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Carmelitas Delegation

The United Nations School Model began approximately 10 years ago in Peru. Eight years ago, on October 14, Alberto Varela, who now heads the delegation as Head Advisor, implemented the "MUN" as an extracurricular project for high school students from the Carmelitas school. The following year, in 2015, the first Carmelite Model Conference of the United Nations (CarMUN) is held, which would later become one of the most statistically significant national school conferences (see subsection III.2). Likewise, the preparation of a competitive team, called the Carmelite Delegation, was implemented to participate in the various school conferences.


The delegation has received numerous awards, both individually and by teams, in recognition of its outstanding participation in national conferences. He has also had experiences abroad. In January 2020, a 16-member delegation team traveled to the United States to attend Harvard's annual conference (HMUN2020) in Boston, Massachusetts.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the delegation opted to continue preparing for and participating in debates in the virtual format. Thus, it maintained a presence on the national circuit, winning multiple awards, and also internationally, successfully participating in MUNUC (Model United Nations of the University of Chicago) and HNMUN-LA (Harvard National Model United Nations Latin America).

In the fortnight of March 2022, approximately 100+ students from all high school grades voluntarily signed up for the delegation, achieving the highest number of team sign-ups to date.

Training Program

Upon joining the delegation, all students agree to take an active part in the training program, which consists of: (i) bi-weekly sessions guided by the team of advisors; (ii) CarMUN Talks; (iii) Internal Carmelite Forums. In essence, the trainings seek the continuous development of vital soft skills when participating in a MUN conference, through the use of the participatory methodology and the maieutic method.


Also, during the training, the theoretical aspects of the debate are developed, and then these are reinforced through practical exercises in which they have the opportunity not only to apply the theoretical concepts, but also to put soft skills into practice.


Finally, it is important to highlight that the members of the delegation are called to form part of the organizing staff of CarMUN.

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Parts of our trainings



Spaces for discussion about HRD issues aimed at high school students.



Debate simulations seeking to replicate the performance of a delegate in a specific committee.

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