Delegates Meeting Roundup

In this Blog Post, we'll be going over some of the announcements that we had in the Delegates Meeting this October 9th at 7pm.


We have added a Guest Speaker Session and shortened the Second Committee Session. The new Schedule is the following:

Friday, October 22nd

Saturday, October 23rd

Sunday, October 24th

Guest Speaker Sessions

As previously mentioned, we have added Guest Speaker Sessions, which are brand-new for this year's conference. In these 55-minute long sessions, guests from various backgrounds will speak about various topics, which are all in relation to what will be discussed on each committee. We highly recommend taking into consideration what our guest speakers talk about and apply them inside your committees.

The Guest Speaker Sessions have been divided in the following way, according to each topic and its relation to our committees:

(Delegates attending the Third Party Actors committee will have access to all the links for Guest Speaker Sessions)

Communications and Media


Zoom will be the platform used for for all committee sessions, ceremonies and services at CarMUN 2021. We highly recommend updating your Zoom app to the latest versions available to use the newest features. Zoom links for all committees will be published shortly before the conference.


We will be creating WhatsApp groups for each committee shortly before the conference, and the links will be emailed to each delegate. If you do not have WhatsApp, we highly recommend downloading it as a way to communicate with fellow delegates and chairs.

Social Media

Follow us on Instagram (@carmunperu), Facebook (Carmelitas Model United Nations) or check this blog ( periodically for any announcements or updates for the conference.

To know more of our rules regarding the use of media, please check the Delegate's Handbook at

Blog Posts

The period for Blog Post #1 has now elapsed and we would like to thank you all for answering. Blog Post #2 for each committee has now been published and will be available until Monday, October 18th at 11:59pm.

Delegates Handbook

Finally, we recommend reading the Delegates Handbook before the conference, as it includes our basic ground rules, guidelines for general preparation and research, the rules of procedure, how to use blog posts and much more. You can find it at

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re as excited as I am for this years' edition of CarMUN. For any questions, do not hesitate to email or contacting me through the direct message feature on Instagram.

- Mauricio Noriega

Under-Secretary General for Communications