Comité de Derechos Humanos (CCPR)

Derecho a la Protesta

Desde la muerte de George Floyd, el 25 de mayo de 2020, se suscitaron protestas contra el racismo y la discriminación, que fueron contestadas con violencia por parte del gobierno. Pero esta situación no es nueva, países como Venezuela, Hong Kong y Zimbabue han experimentado movimientos de protesta que han sido socavados por las autoridades. Corresponde al Comité de Derechos Humanos definir los alcances del derecho a la protesta, y los casos en que los gobiernos pueden limitarla.

Directores: Ariana Estela - Daniel Huapaya


Historical United Nations Security Council (HUNSC)

Intervention in Grenada, 1983

The island of Grenada underwent a turmoil when the communist movement New Jewel seized the power in 1979, placing Maurice Bishop as president. However, on October 19th, 1983, Bishop was placed under arrest and killed. At dawn on October 25th, 1983, US President Reagan ordered a military intervention in the island of Grenada, at request of Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.


Today, August 26th, 1983, the Security Council has called for an emergency session to address this situation. What actions will they take to avoid further escalation?

Directors: Victor Cheng - Magda Nuñez


Crisis Committee

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Now, Fire Lord Azula and her father are on a conquer spree. This is the last chance for Aang, the Avatar, and his friends to stop them. Will the Avatar be able to defeat the Fire Nation and end the 100-year war? Will the free people let Fire Lord Azula rise? What kind of challenges will they face if they can go through with this?


Remember, there is no peace without justice!

Directors: Laura Revoredo - Sebastian Yep


Press Committee

The Third-Party Actors Committee will include several members of the press corps, which play a fundamental role in our society. They have a responsibility to inform the international community in a reliable and trustworthy manner. They are also the mouthpiece for those who have been silenced or do not have a voice loud enough to be heard, allowing the entire world to know about an event or situation isolated from their reality. The role of a press delegate is to debate about specific topics during committee sessions, reached consensus and draft pertinent solutions.

Director: Eduardo Pando

Designed by Ignacio Ponce Echegaray

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