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Carmelitas Model United Nations 2022 is a 3-day online Model UN conference that gives high school students the chance to simulate the diplomacy and dynamics of international relations of the real-world United Nations. At CarMUN, delegates will engage in vigorous and productive debate regarding important global issues while creating and working together towards innovative solutions. During the conference, students will develop important skills such as speaking, negotiation, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, drafting, among others.

About Us

The Carmelitas Model United Nations delegation was founded in October 2014. During that first year, we started our careers as delegates. In 2015, the first ever CarMUN conference was hosted at our school in Lima, Peru. Since then, we have organized and held interschool conferences every year, and made our way up into becoming one of the most important ones of Peruvian MUN culture.

Our first big accomplishment as a delegation, came at the national competition of Lima Model United Nations in August, where we were recognized for the first time as Best Large Delegation. This could not have been possible without the help of our advisors at the time, Alfredo Villavicencio & José Luis Valdera.

However, we know that this is not everything MUN is about. Being able to be recognized is just a small part of the experience. For us, one major example of that, was our participation at Harvard Model United Nations 2020, where we had the opportunity to travel all the way to Boston. We got there as a delegation, and returned as a family.

With CarMUN 2022, we are celebrating this year our 8th anniversary, and although we are still in a somewhat unknown and different context, we are working hard to welcome you into the best and biggest CarMUN conference ever. Thank you for being part of this experience!

Letter from the Secretaries-General

Dear faculty advisors and fellow delegates,

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to the 8th edition of Carmelitas Model United Nations. Since 2014, this conference has changed the outlook of its participants and encouraged them to build a bright future. Under this mission, the secretariat is highly committed to spreading our school’s spirit and values on a global scale. We aim to promote the exchange between students from all over the world through a virtual format. Delegates will find a diversity of themes based on current global affairs, international history, and fiction, as well as the innovations CarMUN is known for. We propose a fresh start for frequent debaters and an integrating experience for those who are just starting. Are you ready to take a step forward?

We joined CarMUN back in 2019, being amongst the youngest of our delegation. At first, both of us saw this activity as a tool to improve our soft skills. Guided by our faculty advisors, we also met experienced delegates, who accompanied us during our journey, helping us solve our numerous concerns, thus helping us grow. Now, after nearly four years of constant lessons, we are convinced that belonging to the team has led us to become the best versions of ourselves. This has happened with every generation of delegates, leaving their mark and bringing us together as a family.

With them, we have participated in national and international committees, sharing an interest in social concerns and human rights. Issues far from our reality became essential in our lives. Studying different contexts makes us appreciate our surroundings and people, transcending the time a conference lasts, coupled with the ambition of being a leader, which does not consist of giving orders, it is seeking consensus towards a common goal. It is during these times that we have learned that being a leader implies having outreach, tenacity, and empathy. To dialogue with an adversary and ally, to act with respect, and most importantly, to give a human face to problems written on paper.

The lack of the aforementioned attitudes results in polarization, which is a phenomenon that has re-emerged in the world, especially in our country, Peru. It represents distancing since different ideas are treated as a “total opposite”, and it is impossible to hear new ones. Nonetheless, a parallel-group to those in conflict arises, listening to each part, and bringing them together to compromise for the common good. We see these situations in the committees we usually debate in MUN, yet they exist daily for students, who unlike past generations have the tools to share information and make a change. Inspired by this, CarMUN 2022 has the theme “Building a bright future”.

This year’s conference will serve for you to bloom your skills as a delegate and see more than just the words in a speech. Whatever role you may play in the conference, we hope that the voice of each delegate, staff member, and faculty advisor will be heard. Besides being the rule of the organization we simulate, it should be the essence for a reasonable debate. Also, work as a team, identify and achieve common goals, to slowly build a path towards a brighter future. You have got to start somewhere. Believe in the infinite potential you have. MUN helped us grow to build this path, and it is a great honor to have you take it with us.

And never forget: keep moving forward.


Thank you, and once again, welcome to CarMUN202!

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Meet the Team

CarMUN 2021 is only possible thanks to the joint efforts of our team. Behind this year's conference are current students, advisors and former members from the school's delegation without whom none of this would be a reality. 

meet the team
Letter from Secretary General

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Secretariat Carmun 2024


In case of any doubts, you can send a direct message to our Instagram account or contact us through the following email:

Alberto Varela - Head Faculty Advisor and Conference Director:

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