In this page, you will find important documents all delegates must read before the start of CarMUN 2021. Participants must periodically review this page as more documents are added or modified during the months prior to the conference.

Delegates Handbook

The Delegates Handbook is the quintessential guide to our conference. It includes guidelines for general preparation and research, the rules of procedure, how to use blog posts and much more. Our latest version includes how to answer the new blog post system found in the Blog section in this page.

Study Guides

Study Guides detail the basic information about each committee and topic that will be discussed in CarMUN 2021. They contain the history of the committee, the statement of the problem, past actions, and more. While Study Guides allow participants to understand the concepts discussed in CarMUN on a basic level, they are expected to do further research on their own to fully understand the problem, how it relates to their country and how it can be solved.